Q: How do I purchase the ebook Keynote for iPad (Enhanced eBook) 2013?
A: The eBook version is available in the iBookstore and available for all iPads. Click here - (
Q: I can not find Keynote for iPad (Enhanced eBook) 2013 in the App Store.
A: Keynote for iPad (Enhanced eBook) 2013 is not an App nor available in the App store.  Keynote for iPad (Enhanced eBook) 2013 is an enhanced eBook currently only available in the US iBookstore.
Q: I live outside of the U.S. can I purchase Keynote for iPad (Enhanced eBook) 2013?
A: Yes Keynote for iPad (Enhanced eBook) 2013 is available in all Apple iBookstores.

Q: Is Keynote for iPad (the App) included with the purchase of the eBook?
A: Unfortunately, No.  Keynote for iPad is a separate application available in the App store.  To purchase Keynote for the iPad click here - (
Q: What is the iBookstore?
A: iBookstore is Apples electronic bookstore containing over 700,000 books and growing.
Q: Do I need to upgrade my software to view and purchase the Enhanced eBook?
A: Yes, you will need to upgrade your iPad iOS to 5.1 or greater and have the latest version of iBooks installed on your iPad.  Here are links to understand how to upgrade your iOS and iBooks software.  Upgrade iOS software - (
 Upgrade/install the iBooks App - (
Q: Do you offer review copies for your eBook?
A: Yes, please contact our review team at  Review copies of Keynote for iPad (Enhanced eBook) 2013 are handled on a case by case basis.
Q: Can I purchase bulk copies of the eBook?
A: Yes, use our contact us form and we will send you the details.
Q: Do you conduct training seminars?
A: Yes, we provide Keynote-4-iPadTM (LIVE!) onsite training as well as iPad-4-Mom Dad and the Kids training classes.  Submit a request so that we may contact you with the specifics and details.  July is open however the month of August is filling up fast.


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